Summer, 2016 - Ms. Garcia is beginning a new line of thought for a possible new sub-series.  Or, a single book.  Book 10 will be about the twin Princesses and will take place on Mars.  Mary will attempt to follow in Princess Misso's steps and try to find the Oonock colony that JeffRa destroyed.  What she finds will surpass anything she imagined was out there. 

April 7, 2017 - The Secretof Mars is available as a pre-order eBook from your favorite retailer.  The paperback and eBook  will be available for sale on May 1st.  

In January 2017, Ms. Garcia added Children's Books to her accomplishments.  As they become available, she will list them here.  Currently, she is working on one that teaches toddlers their colors through the use of dinosaurs. 

Spring, 2017 - Due to a delay with rewrites, the new book entitled  The Secret ofMarswill be released mid-April.  This book is written so you an enjoy it without having read the previous books.  


In fall, 2015 and spring, 2016,Ms. Garcia worked on a  new series detailing the life of Prince Enok. She feels Europa’s story has been told to its conclusion, but young Enok’s story is just beginning. Hygone has predicted he will be the Light of the Blue Planet. Can he stop Earth’s global warming, curb pollution and save our wildlife from extinction? And how will the people of Earth perceive his help, especially those who benefit financially from our Earth’s destruction?

The first book is now available, entitled "The Light of the Blue Planet."

The second book,  "The Shadows of Apathy"

The third book, "The Dream of Atlantis" is in the process of being edited and should be available late Summer, 2016. 

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Basically, PR Garcia is a crazy, not-too-gray-haired old lady who loves Science Fiction.   

Now for a more traditional overview: PR Garcia was born the winter of 1951 in a rural town in Michigan.  As the youngest of three children, she had to find ways to entertain herself and learned at an early age how to use her imagination. With

 her trustworthy dog at her side, the two spent many hours in the backfields and along the creek battling aliens and saving the world.  Her love for reading brought her to new worlds and faraway lands.  Nothing was impossible.   attended Western Michigan University where she majored in zoology. In 2008 she moved to southern California and became a volunteer at the Birch Aquarium of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a guide on the Gray whale touring boats. The following year she joined the Whalers, a dedicated group of volunteers from the San Diego Natural History Museum of San Diego, whose love of the Pacific cetaceans and other marine life off the shores of California matched her own. As a guide on the Whale watching boats she introduced people from around the world to the wonders of the world of the Pacific cetaceans. Using her knowledge of these ocean giant combined with her love of science fiction and astronomers’ exciting belief that beneath Jupiter’s ice moon, Europa, exists a living ocean containing life, she originally created the EUROPA trilogy. Upon completing the trilogy Ms. Garcia realized there was much more of Europa's story to tell so she continued writing and wrote three more books to turn the trilogy into the Europa Saga.

Using legends such as Atlantis and known ancient landmarks from Earth’s past, such as Puma Punka and the Band of Holes, Ms. Garcia has woven a story of intrigue, mystery, magic and adventure. The Europa Saga is a story of survival, adventure, revenge and the truest love.

​​PR Garcia