This is the true story of William, a young man stricken with a disabling disease.

William had a great life doing the thing he loved – playing and singing the blues. Touring the country, life couldn’t get much better. Then he was suddenly stricken with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome), an affliction affecting the nerves mostly in the arms, legs, hands or feet. Its main characteristic is continuous, intense pain.

William’s days as a Jazz Musician were over. Barely able to do anything, he retreated into his house, watching the world pass him by, wondering would he ever find happiness again. Then, one day, a small gray kitten appeared at his back gate. Too ill to appreciate the little kitten, he pretty much ignored it. But it returned each day, sitting beside William if he was well enough to sit outside, watching him through the window if he was too ill to come out. As the days passed, William realized he felt better when the kitten was there. He began to look forward to the kitten’s visits.    As their friendship grew, so did William's ability to combat his illness.  

The love of an animal is often a great source of comfort to people. The author hopes William’s story will inspire others, especially children who are dealing with disabling diseases.

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