3-14-2016   EUROPA Quanundocii ranked #1 in Romance/Sci-Fi and #2 in Adventure/Sci-Fi 

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On October 18, 1989, NASA launched the spacecraft Galileo to study Saturn. In February 1997 on its way to Saturn, Galileo briefly orbited Jupiter and sent back pictures of her larger moons, including  Europa. The images confirmed the belief that Europa was covered by a layer of ice possibly sixty miles thick under which may exist a subsurface ocean.  Many scientists believe that Europa contains the three primary ingredients for life - water, heat, and organic compounds.  

Intrigued with the possibility of life, author PR Garcia began to ponder the idea.   But she wondered why it had to be simple life? Europa is approximately the same age as Earth - 4.5 billion years old. If life has existed on Europa even half as long as it has been here on Earth, why couldn't life on Europa be advanced, be sentient? She began to imagine a world of intelligent aquatic beings, beings far more advanced than humans.   Combining these ideas with her experience as a naturalist on whaling boats, her love of science fiction and the mystery of Atlantis, she created an exciting new science-fiction series for those who enjoy the traditional epic novel.  Using legends such as Atlantis, and ancient landmarks from Earth’s past, she takes you through one female’s incredible journey of discovery and self-worth:  The Europa Series.  The series will submerse you in a world of action, adventure, conflict, loyalty, loss, revenge and romance as you learn of the Oonocks, the race of sentient beings she imagines lives beneath Europa's cold ice - and here on Earth.

Ms. Garcia sat down at her computer and began to type the story of Europa and the great Oonock race, who fled their moon six thousand years ago and have  lived in the deepest parts of our oceans.  She incorporated the legend of Atlantis, along with stories regarding Puma Punku and the Band of Holes to tell the stories of the Oonocks race as they lived on Earth over the millennia.   To give them the ability to travel between the deep realms of our oceans and  land. Using her knowledge of Pacific cetaceans, she bestowed the Oonocks with the ability to shape shift into whales, dolphins and other marine life. 

After writing the first book, EUROPA: Awakenings, Ms. Garcia knew that there was much more to Europa’s struggle and decided  to write a trilogy.  And the words flowed. Often the story filled her nightly dreams.  She had no outline, just a general idea where she wanted the story to end.  The story wrote itself, taking her in directions she had not thought of.  Upon completing the trilogy she realized there was much more of Europa’s story to tell and began the fourth book. She was surprised when the story filled two more books, for a total of six in the original series. 

As she did research for the books, she learned more and more about the perils of our oceans and species lost.  Feeling there was still more of the Oonock story, she wrote a subseries of three books, incorporating in them the problems of global warming, deforestation, species lost, pollution, ice caps melting and other environmental issues.  Keeping to her tradition, she also brought known ancient sites into the story telling, including the Nazca Lines, Stone Hedge and the Spheres of Costa Rica.

The Concept of Europa