A group of paleontologists discover a new dinosaur species in the newly unthawed area of Antarctica, unaware of what lies inside. When an accident occurs, the virus is released. Its veracity and lethalness spreads across the globe in a matter of days, destroying three-fourths of all animal life, including mankind.

Trapped in Antarctica is a group a scientist who may have the cure for this deadly disease. But with no way to communicate with the outside world or a way to leave the continent, their cure cannot benefit anyone. Somehow, someway, they have to find a way back to what’s left of civilization.

The dinosaurs were almost all gone when the asteroid hit 65 million years ago, killed by the most powerful virus to have ever existed on Earth. This lethal pathogen has remained dormant, buried inside the corpse of a dinosaur it killed. Until now.

What if you awoke to a world where there was no internet, no electricity, no fuel for transportation, no way to communicate? What if the survival of Earth depended on you? This is the reality for three scientists trapped in Antarctica. Thanks to their colleagues, the original form of Ebola has once again been released to ravish the world and indiscriminately destroy life. With no one to help, how will they ever get back to civilization.  

Available January 15, 2018