FarCore is an intricate and extremely important part of the Europa Series.  It is a place that exists on every planet, moon, star, asteroid and celestial body in the universe.  It is a realm outside our dimension created by the Ancients, a race of super advanced beings bordering on being immortal.  It is basically a library, a place showing the physical characteristics of the specific celestial body it inhabits, as well as its recorded history stored for eternity in egg-shaped Orbs.  The Ancients cherish life and have instilled inside the Orbs special powers which can be obtained by the pure of heart, powers that can protect or save peoples’ lives.  Once a race reaches a certain level of peace and harmony, they are allowed access to FarCore.  Queen Medaron discovered the entrance to Europa’s FarCore.  To say the least, humans have not even gotten close to that level, so our entrance is still hidden. 

Inside FarCore is a window known as the “Window of Universes”.  It is a picture window, approximately 36” wide by 72” long, consisting of a single sheet of glass and framed in some type of wood.  It is suspended above the floor by no means visible.  There are no chains, no ropes that suspend it, no structure below that supports it.  It is just simply there, stationary, hanging in space.  Inside the window can be seen millions, possibly trillions of other windows, the FarCores of other worlds across the galaxy.  Through this seemingly endless array of picture frames, the Ancients can travel between planets and other celestial bodies.

 To ensure the safety of each world, certain laws govern FarCore.  One cannot cross through the Window of Universes to reach these others worlds.  Nor can they see much into those other worlds, thus preventing the transfer of alien technology.  Each world must develop as it was meant to.  And only the pure of heart are allowed into FarCore.  Anyone with evil intentions is not allowed inside.  No knowledge gained from the Orbs may be taken outside of FarCore.  For example, one cannot see if we really walked on the moon or who killed President Kennedy, then release that information to the public or press.  To do so would close and lock the portal to FarCore