Astrologists agree that there is a fantastic chance that beneath the ice shield of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, lies a vast global ocean where life may exist.  My interpretation of Europa is a world of lilac, salty water where ocean-floor-heat-vents spew heat, oxygen, and sparkles of light up into the waters.  Her deep oceans are filled will a diversity of life, many with the capability of bioluminescence, just as our deep ocean fish have.  Thus, Europa’s ocean is the complete opposite of ours – the light is at the bottom and the dark is at the top, for little sunlight reaches Europa, and her ice shield blocks any that does.

In this beautiful fluorescent world of light and color, lives a sentient race known as the Oonocks, an ancient race at least seventy to one hundred million years old.  They are, for the most part, peaceful beings, who value family and honor above all else.  They have no words such as divorce, greed, want or hate, for those things do not exist.  The race consists of clans which number from several hundred members to several thousand.  Each clan specializes in two or three fields, such as fishing, farming, shipbuilding, engineering, physics, chemistry, metal urging, aerodynamics and so forth.  Each clan is governed by a royal family, usually a Lord and Lady.  Together, the clans are managed by a King and Queen, who everyone pledges their loyalty and lives to.  Every individual contributes something to the whole; those who do not partake is a specific area of study become soldiers; those too young to work attend school; and those too old teach the young.  Although not a perfect society, it is pretty close. 

No land exists above water on Europa, so the Oonocks are aquatic beings.  They have large lilac eyes, and their blood is purple.  They have three wings on each side of their body that glides them through their water world.  Their body is muscular and strong, slender, tapering into a long tail with a feathery lilac end.  Their hair is strings of pearl-shaped glowing lights which cascades down from the top of their head.  Like most creatures of Europa, they are bioluminescent and glow a soft lilac color.  Their expected life span is approximately twelve thousand years.  And they are also blessed with a special power – the ability to transform into other creatures equal to or larger than themselves. 

Approximately sixty-four hundred years ago, this peaceful existence of the Oonock world was destroyed when the reigning king betrayed his middle son, JeffRa, devastating him beyond repair.  In retaliation, JeffRa tried to assassinate his older brother, Enok, who is the future king.  Once the best of friends, the two brothers became mortal enemies and civil war broke out.  JeffRa and his followers are hunted down and exiled to Ganymede, another of Jupiter’s moons.  There he became the leader of another race called Terrians, a barbaric society who embrace cruelty, greed, and war.  From his place of exile, JeffRa continued to plot his brother’s end, promising to never stop until ever Oonock in the universe was dead. 

When JeffRa’s invention destroys Jupiter and turns it into the gas ball it is today with its giant storms, King Enok and his mate, Queen Medaron, take twenty ships filled with Oonocks and leave Europa.  Most go out further into the galaxy, but King Enok brings his three ships to Earth to live.  Another two settle on Mars, which is Earth’s sister planet, green with vegetation and covered with life.  But JeffRa follows, consumed by his vow to eradicate all Oonocks, searching across our solar system for his hated brother.  He makes the mistake of attacking Mars first, thus allowing King Enok to be warned of his approach.  To save Earth and his Oonocks, King Enok sinks his city to the depths of the Pacific Ocean at night, in a blaze of fire and water.  Thus the legend of Atlantis is born.  There, beneath the cloak of darkness and water, the Oonock race remains, safe and unknown, for thousands of years.  Several times over the millennia they emerge and try to live on land again, but for one reason or another, are forced back to the security of the deep, causing the creation of many Earthly legends.  During this time they have no idea that JeffRa has crashed on Earth, and is desperately seeking his brother and wife. 

King Enok and Queen Medaron try again to have their Oonocks live above.  Far from humans, they build a new city, called Third City, on top of a high plateau in Peru (Puma Punku).  There they live in happiness and peace, safe behind their stone walls.  After several hundred years, that peace is once more shattered when they hear the sound of marching feet.  JeffRa and his army of Terrians have found them.

The two brothers, King Enok with his Oonocks and JeffRa with his Terrians, fight a great war.  Both sides suffer great losses.  JeffRa is defeated, but the result is the Oonocks must once more return to the ocean depths.  King Enok is gravely injured and Queen Medaron is in a deep state of depression over the loss of her only son, whom JeffRa killed.  After returning below, they learn the horrifying truth of JeffRa’s attack: the release of a biological weapon that will cause all future Oonock newborn children to die within the first few years of their life.  It also causes infertility, thus dooming the Oonock race.  With no way to reproduce and no way to return home, they face a dismal future.  Thus they exist, knowing each day that they when they die, the great Oonock race will be no more.  But then something marvelous happens.  Numerous centuries later, Queen Medaron discovers she is pregnant with a female who will be the next Queen.  The Oonock race is a matriarchal society, so nothing is more important than this child surviving.  But because of JeffRa’s curse, the unborn female cannot survive as an Oonock.  To ensure her survival, the decision is made that she will be born on land as a human, and will never know who or what she really is.  Thus begins book one, EUROPA: Awakenings