Ms. Garcia has written her second book outside the Europa Saga.  Filled with action and suspense, it's one that you won't be able to put down until you've finished it.  

Coming Winter, 2018-2019

What if your dead mother answered the phone?  Would you, could you, accept it as reality?  Or would you dismiss it as fiction?

The dictionary defines “fiction” as “literature in the form of prose that describes imaginary events and people”.  It states “reality” is “the world or the state of things as they actually exist”.  What if fiction was reality? 


​                     of    Earth

Sarina is a newly published science-fiction author who knows the difference between fiction and reality.  Her book Guardians of Earth is a work of fiction, a story that she made up from her dreams.  But when the men in black come knocking on her door, the boundaries between the two realms blur and begin to emerge into one.  The aliens, the robots, the alien space station and the danger to Earth suddenly become real.  Her world is turned upside down, her life caught between two realms.  Somehow, she must discover the truth.    

What Sarina knew yesterday:

·        Her mother and father are dead.

·        She wrote a fictional story about an alien base inside the moon.

·        Her husband is stationed in Afghanistan.

·        She lives with her three beautiful children at home.


What Sarina knows today:

·        A message from the moon told her to call home.  When she did, her deceased mother answered.

·        The men in black came to her house.  She is now in a secret underground bunker

·        Her book is factual 

·        The Pentagon is sending her husband home without explanation.

·        Her imaginary secret division of Homeland Security exists – the Office of Extraterrestrial Life.

What Sabrina will know tomorrow:

·        Her father is alive, living with aliens inside a space station.

·        The space station is hidden inside the moon.

·        The commander of the station is an alien that resembles a ten-foot grasshopper/ant hybrid. 

·        The fictional director in her book is real.  Her description of her is accurate down to the scar on her neck.  Her fictional character and the real director have the same name.    

·        Her family is in danger from the President of the United States.  He will stop at nothing to get access to the aliens.  Sarina is the only access.

·        Earth is in terrible danger from another alien race.