Atlantis  - Plato's advanced ancient city of vast wealth, power and technology that disappeared overnight

Band of Holes - Series of thousands of uniform holes found in the Pisco Valley on the Nazca Plateau in Peru

Callisto - Second largest moon of Jupiter, heavily cratered

Creeno - Oonock word for Jupiter

Europa moon-  Fourth largest moon of Jupiter, sixth in distance. Covered with a thick layer of ice. Oonock home

FarCore - Mystical world where the Orbs are stored, one exists on every heavenly body

Fenoll - Oonock word for Mars

Ganymede - Largest of Jupiter's moon, largest moon in universe. Place where JeffRa and his followers were exiled to.

Hut - Small building where Oonocks are sequestered while infected with the Hunger

IO - Fifth moon of Jupiter. Has the most volcanically activity in universe.

LaRochelle, France - Place of Terrian headquarters

Liitis - Oonocks' first city on Earth; later became known to humans as Atlantis

Minnos - The estate settled by Enok and Medaron un 1625; the home where Europa grew up

Ocean Blue - Biosphere in ocean to house Waters Monarchs in times of danger

Pacific Blue - New biosphere built to house Oonocks after Earth's ecosystems collapse

Puma Punku  -Ancient ruins in Bolivia thought to have alien connections, known as a location of unimaginably wonders

Roebourne, Australia - Home of Terrance and his mother

Ta Prohm - Ancient Temple in the Siem Reap Province in Cambodia

Third City - Third Oonock city built in jungles of Bolivia, today known as Puma Punku

beetwon - Being who is able to communicate with the Orbs and channel their powers

bendicor -  Mineral rock from Europa that is the source of all Oonock technology and power

Bird men - Term used by Bolivian natives to describe Oonocks at Third City

bray -  Oonock measurement of one day

craybin - Writing paper that can be used under water

Creeno - Oonock word for Jupiter

crim-  Oonock measurement of 14 inches

Dattwa - Oonock word for father

dinfire - Ancient VeeRay symbol denoting death and rebirth to an enemy’s first born female

FarCore - Mystical world where the Orbs are stored, one exists on every heavenly body

Fenoll - Oonock word for Mars

Freetiwon - Oonock procreation act where an egg is fertilized. Only joined couples may engage in Freetiwon.

geezba -Oonock musical instrument played under the water producing visual sounds

grid - Oonock measurement of 2 months

grindle - Coarse Oonock food with a bitter taste eaten by Eastern Oonock clans

gyrue - Oonock holy person with gift of foresight

Heroes' Obelisk - Obelisk at Complex on Earth where the names of those fallen defending their race are recorded

Horrturn - Europan sea creature with three eyes covered with thick red scales & purple spikes down back

Hunger - Biological happening to Oonock females to produce procreation organs inside their bodies

kachee - Ancient dragon fly the Seeker uses

kallis - Colorful Europan sea creature; small, with a long flowing tail of various colors. Poisonous and fragile

keequan - Oonock word meaning asshole

kiiwon - Oonock seerer and keeper of the records

koopings - Europan aquatic animal resembling bullfrog with short legs and long tail. Dedicates life to protecting one being

Kyzin - Oonock sex act where no egg is fertilized. Stimulation by electric impulse. Anyone of proper age may engage in Kyzin.

liiliies - Rarest & most beautiful of Oonock sea creatures, small, resembling jelly fish of every color imaginable.

Mattwa - Oonock word for mother

nanew - Oonock word for nephew

nonquin - a male or female Oonock trained to help a couple combat the Hunger when the male cannot do it alone

Oonocks - Sentient beings from Jupiter's moon, Europa

Orbs - Europan egg shaped canister designed by the Ancients to store histories of planets, stars, moons, etc.

patoot - Oonock swear word for stupid asshole bastard

piiquid - Domesticated Europan sea creature farmed for food, has a natural immunity to any bacteria

quanish - Being able to protect another due to their love for that person

Quanundocii - Highest and truest form of love, a couple unified in the Quanundocii cannot be destroyed as long as they are together

quintot - Europan spiritual healer

randar plant - piiquid favorite food, has purifying properties

rill - Europa sea creature resembling a elasaosaur

rotation - Oonock measurement of one day

ruupoor - Ancient worm the Seeker uses

saajew - The being serviced by a nonquin during The Hunger

schrimdo - Delicious Oonock desert

Seeker - A newborn Ancient sent to discover what happened to the Keeper

seenum - Europan aquatic animal resembling Dumbo octopus that Medaron kept as pets

seerig - Europan fish

seetwin - Europan fuzzy worm that stimulates Oonock females to produce reproduction organs. Cause of The Hunger 

sillrig-  Oonock stew made by soaking seerig for months in a foul smelling liquid that turns the meat into gooey, slimy meat.

soobree-  Ore from Europa similar to gold, but much stronger. The reason of all Oonock technology.

squint - Oonock drink

tantar - Europan sea creature resembling a cross between a manta ray, an eagle and a dragon

teeguan  - The recipient of a quanish's affection

Teepoon leaves - Oonock home-remedy used for pain

Terrians  - Sentient beings from Jupiter's moon, Ganymede. Also JeffRa's followers who were exiled to Ganymede

tiipow - The age of consent, when an Oonock become an adult.  Also an Oonock measurement of 20 years 

tra - Oonock measurement of one week

triion - Oonock measurement of 16 years

triiquan - Europa animal, cross between a grizzly bear, tiger, barracuda and shark. Very aggressive and powerful

triizin - Europan liquid heavier than water, usually lilac in color. Used in Oonock fountains at complex on Earth

tubree worm - Short, thick purple worm ranging from two to four inches eaten by expecting Oonock parents

unfrees -  Dangerous Europan sea creature resembling a crab with large claws

vig - Oonock measurement of 11 Earth years


Enok - Oonock male clan leader of Waters Clan, King over all clans, Head Monarch

Medaron - Oonock female clan leader of Water's clan, Queen over all clans, Supreme Monarch

Tiree - Oldest Oonock son of King Enok and Queen Medaron

Earon - Second Oonock son of King Enok and Queen Medaron

EeRee - Oonock mate of Earon Europa Oonock daughter of King Enok and Queen Medaron

Kiijon - Oonock mate of Europa

Lord Ashtim - Oonock clan leader of Trader Clan

Lady Zeetrill - Oonock mate of Lord Ashtim

Subree - Oonock daughter of Lord Ashtim and Lady Zeetrill

Lord Worsim - Oonock clan leader of Hunting Clan Lady Jewell Oonock mate of Lord Worsim

Lord Triquan - Oonock clan leader of Weapons Clan

Lady Bing - Oonock mate of Lord Triquan Lord Antwindo Oonock clan leader of Valley Clan

Lord Riibree - Oonock clan leader of Stone Clan

Lady Feeno - Oonock mate of Lord Riibree

Lord Trudine - Oonock clan leader of Artist Clan

Stonedrama - Oonock daughter of Lord Trudine

Lord Akabaa - Oonock clan leader of Desert Clan

Lady SaaTeek - Oonock mate of Lord Akabaa

Aabaak - Oonock son of Lord Akabaa and Lady SaaTeek

Piewind - Oonock mate of Aabaak

Trybow - Oonock son of Lord Akabaa and Lady SaaTeek

SuuWind` - Oonock daughter of Lord Akabaa and Lady SaaTeek

Kleetim - Lord Akabaa's Supreme Commander

Lord Jun - Oonock clan leader of Metal Clan

Lady Abrow-  Oonock mate of Lord Jun

Kyleea - Oonock daughter of Lord Jun and Lady Abow

Uutron -  Lord Jun's Supreme Commander

Lord Stiiren - Oonock clan leader of Trin Clan

Lady Fluneck - Female Onock Clan leader of Artist Clan

Lord Chubray-  Previous clan leader of VeeRay Clan

Lady Tiiken - Oonock mate of Lord Chubray

Lord Trinn - New Oonock clan leader of VeeRay Clan, brother to Phameena 

Lord Vilmor - Oonock clan leader of Fishing Clan

Lord Twillgee - Oonock clan leader of Weapons Clan

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