Twenty years have passed since Queen Europa and the others have returned to Earth.  Their lives have been peaceful while the royal children have grown at a human rate.  But that all changes when Prince Enok (called EJ) decides that he cannot stand idly by and watch the planet he loves die from deforestation, global warming, ice cap melting and species lost.  Using a small piece of bendicor, he invents a new way to produce power that is not only environmentally friendly, but can be produced for nothing.  Soon electricity will be free to all and our need for fossil fuels drastically reduced.  But those who made their fortunes and built their power empires on Fossil fuels are none to happy about Prince EJ's free electricity.  They are prepared to do anything and everything to stop him, even assassinate him, if need be.   

The Dream of Atlantis is in editing and will be available the summer of 2016.  This book  brings Prince Enok's story to a close. 

Time is running out – for the planet and for Prince EJ.  Although the quarter of a billion dollar bounty has been removed from Prince EJ’s head, the Terrian still hunts him and his family, and will not rest until they are all dead.  Unknown to the Waters and Terrian, a new adversary has arisen, one determined to rob the Terrian of his prize.  He will take from the Waters one of their most cherished members.

 Swaybuk and the new Ancient begin their search for the Keeper.  They begin their adventure in Central and South America, hoping to find out why the Keeper disappeared and where he is hidden.  Believing their quest a secret, they have no idea that they are being hunted.

 As the health of Earth continues to decline, the Waters admit defeat.  The Complex is closed and all Oonocks are ordered to return to Europa.  EJ, Medi, the four kids, Medi’s human family and a handful of Oonocks relocate to Pacific Blue to wait for the end of the world, hopefully hidden from human detection beneath the vast Pacific Ocean.  Then, just as all hope is lost, something wonderful happens, giving the young Prince new hope.  But to use this new hope, he must stand before the human race and tell them who he and his family are and the real truth of where they come from.  Is it possible, that after more than six thousand years, the real dream of Atlantis would at last be realized?

Isla de Medaron                                          New security island to replace Saint's Isle
Ocean Blue                                                 Oonock built Biosphere in ocean where Water' family hides, small in size
Pacific Blue                                                 Oonock built Biosphere in ocean where royal family will live if Earth dies, huge
Science Center Command Station             Space Center at Chancee's

Ta Prohm                                                    Ancient temple in the Siem Reap Province in Cambodia

  New Locations

Amber Marie  -  Prince Enok's and Medi's twin daughter
Anew  -  Newborn Ancient sent to find the Keeper; she is the Seeker
Caaseem  -  Whitnow's sister
Captain Stargree  -  Captain of Dolphin Squad
Carl Appleton  -  Production Supervisor for R. D. Petroleum
Cho Gin Yen  - 8 yrs old human from Nagasaki; Japan, adopted daughter of Prince EJ and Miss Medi
Dar  -  Supervisor building Pacific Blue
Erson and Klonc   - Teegrade's brothers
General Anthony McDouglas  -  Aid to President Onsted, Grandfather of Lilly, knows true identity of Waters family
James Skeller  -  John  Drier's right hand man
John Drier  -  CEO of R. D. Petroleum, enemy of Waters Enterprises
KaaZee  -  Medaron, Jr's protector
Kree  -  The Keeper's real name
Kumiko  -  3 yrs old human from Nagasaki; Japan, adopted daughter of Prince EJ and Miss Medi
Lilly  - Granddaughter of General McDouglas
Maria  -  Chancee's niece who keeps on eye on him, Librarian who helped Terrance
Martha Landers  -  Terrance's mother, wife of Jeffrey Landers (JeffRa)
Mary Elizabeth  -  Prince Enok's and Medi's twin daughter
Miss Avant  -  Secretary to John Drier
Miss Cheney  -  Nanny who cares for kidnapped Kumiko and Cho Gin
Mr. Rajiv   - Indian foreman at Patna, India plant
Neil Montgomery -  Human estate hand from Nashville
Ospree  -  EJ's new protector
Peppin  -  Kree clan, cube programmer
Pierre Delaflote  -  Terrian Hiitee's human name
President Onsted  -  Current U. S. President
Professor Anne Gray  -  Professor at Berkley, personal friend of Prince TJ
Professor Stephen Cooper  -  Scientist at Scripts Institute of Oceanography, UC; personal friend of Prince TJ
Ragjaw  -  Oonock left behind at Third City, lives in Amazon forest, Windar's mate
Richard Drier  -  Owner of R. G. Petroleum
Robert Graham  -  Human foreman for power plants
Sheik Abdul Haddad  -  Leader of Coalition against Prince EJ
Teegrade  -  Misso's boyfriend
Tigglebree  -  Terrian-Oonock, Commander
TonRay  -  New Oonock foreman for power plants
Vickie Wells Spinner's assumed name
Waydin Waters clan, cube programmer
Weenow -  Hygone's Ancient brother, sentenced to Mars
Wiiguard  -  Terrian soldier, son of Tigglebree

  New Characters

The people of Earth beg Prince EJ not to give up on them or the planet, especially when a new scientific report is released stating the Earth is rapidly dying and a mass extinct will begin in less than ten years.  They know there is no hope of surviving without his help.  After giving the people of Earth an ultimatum, EJ waits to see if the humans are truly willing to commit to drastic measures in order to save their planet.  In an attempt to stop the prince, those against him offer a bounty of two hundred and fifty million dollars.  Assassins begin to appear everywhere, endangering not only the prince but the entire royal family.  But even in this hectic and fearful time, Prince EJ and Medi will adopt two orphan girls and bring them into their lives.  Fearing he will not be able to stop the elimination of life on Earth, he will at least save two young humans. 

     Prince Enok's Story

The Europa Series continues as Prince Enok begins his role as the “Light of the Blue Planet.” Realizing the Earth cannot survive without intervention, he searches for a way to bring Oonock technology to humans safely. But he forgets one thing – the greed and need for money and power of some humans.