A new thriller by PR Garcia.   Thanks to global warming, what really killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago has returned to reap chaos and destruction upon Earth.  Both land and sea are covered with the corpses of the dead or dying.  Cities become dead zones where nothing can live.  With no one to make fuel or electricity, the internet, Wall Street and transportation systems collapse.   There’s no banks, no phones, no hospitals.  There’s no one to grow or manufacture food, no fish left in the oceans to eat, no bees to pollinate plants.  Is this the end of life on the Blue Planet? 


It wasn't an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.  

7-4-16  Happy Fourth of July.  Currently doing final read on book 9, The Dream of Atlantis.  Made a major move across the country, so book 10 has been on hold for a few weeks.  Plan to get back to writing in a few days.  Have been busy unpacking and filling my free time with resting and crocheting/knitting. 

4-28-16  EUROPA Awakenings is now available on Smashwords.com for FREE. 

8-23-16  Been busy reformatting the ebooks for wider distribution.  They should now be available at Barnes & Nobles, iBook, Kobo, Over Drive and other fine retailers.

Now that that task is over, I'm back to writing book 10, The Secret of Atlantis.  Here's a little sneak peek:  “I can’t break her connection,” Gart screamed upon the deafening pulsating.  Earon reached out to grab his niece and carry her out of the room just as the energy bolt made contact with the building.  He and Gart were thrown across the room.  Thread of electricity danced and sparked around Amber, lifting her off the floor six inches.  Unable to help, her protectors watched their beloved princess’s possible death.

The threads of electricity spread across the room, over to the console.  It hungrily caressed the console, blowing circuits, frying metal wires, dissolving soldered panels until it at last burst into flames. 

“I am sorry we failed you, My Queen,” Earon said, as he prepared to die.  But then it grew hauntingly quiet.  He looked and could see the obelisk had stopped pulsating.  It was now a constant glow.  He quickly looked at his niece and saw that the energy threads around Amber had ceased sparking.  They were now intertwining, changing color to a soft lilac, encasing her in a shower of brightly colored particles.  Some were swirling around her amulet, which was floating inside the casing.  It was almost as if they were inspecting the object, trying to decide what it was.  Then, as if the obelisk inhaled the energy, the thread were sucked from the room, across the land and back into the obelisk, including those around Amber.  Earon watched her drop to the ground, praying the child was still alive. 

What's Happening